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Your security, our responsibility

Empowering security through unwavering dedication, our company stands as a beacon of trust, ensuring peace of mind, safety, and protection for Singapore.

Our Services

We provide services to safeguard 3 different facilities, industrial/commercial building, condominiums and factory/warehouse.


A significant percentage of the population live in private high-rise buildings and condominiums today.

Commercial Buildings

Today, the all in one concept has spree up the combinations of industrial and commercial activities under one hub.


Factories are more vulnerable to pilferages than most other premises, as it normally employs a large workforce for its operations.


Join us in celebrating a legacy of accomplishment and a future filled with possibilities.

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We have served Singaporeans for over 30 years. Our dedicated services has led us to success

Projects with Clients

Success Speaks Volumes: Let the success stories in this section do the talking.
Formula 1 Singapore Airlines – Singapore Grand Prix 2023
Pinnacle Manufacturing Solutions: CCTV Installation
Space Exploration Expo 2023: Frontiers Beyond Earth
Music Fest 2023: A Melodic Celebration of Diversity
UrbanGuard Condos: Elevating Security Standards with Cutting-Edge CCTV Installation
International Film Festival 2023: Celebrating Cinematic Excellence

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