Westminster Investigation & Security Management Pte Ltd

Our Services

We provide services to safeguard 3 different facilities, industrial/commercial building, condominiums and factory/warehouse. Our services is what keeps Singapore well protected. More information can be seen below.

Industrial / Commercial Building

Today, the all in one concept has spree up the combinations of industrial and commercial activities under one hub. Security is crucial to these buildings for example the controlling of vehicles movements, monitoring the crowds of people moving in and out of the building lies heavy on the security. The FCC room is the centre that monitors and manages the safety and security of this establishment.

Our company have the expertise, and suitable security personnel who know the procedures, will conduct systematic patrols around the premises so as to maintain a safe and positive business environment.


A significant percentage of the population live in prlvate high-rise buildings and condominiums today. In most of these private condominiums, the emphasis is often placed on aesthetic environment and gracious living with little consideration for security aspects for the residents.

Therefore, to blend such a pleasant atmosphere without any let-up on safety and security needs the expertise and knowledge In policing such a building against crime. Our company has vast experience, technique and the know-how in all safety and security aspects in providing security services to private condominiums.

Factory / Warehouse

Factories present unique security challenges due to their large workforce, frequent movement of people and vehicles, and overtime work. Security personnel must remain vigilant to prevent pilferage and theft. Warehouses and godowns, on the other hand, house valuable and fragile goods for international shipment, requiring specialized security knowledge.

Our company possesses the experience, expertise, and skilled manpower to effectively safeguard these facilities, ensuring the uninterrupted functioning of operations while protecting against crime and disruptions. Trust us to secure your premises with our tailored solutions and industry-specific knowledge.